Be Prepared For Your Lessons



All COVID safety precautions are taken by myself and I request you read what is required from you.

When I collect you for your first lesson you must bring with you:

  • Your provisional licence
  • The correct fee for your lessons
  • Glasses or contact lenses if you require them
  • Wear sensible shoes

I will first test that you can read a numberplate from 20.5 metres away to check your eyesight is adequate for driving.

I will then run through a cockpit drill, go through all the controls and show you how to use them.

I will guide you through moving and stopping the car, mirror – signal – manoeuvre routine, it is dependant  on your ability as to how the lesson progresses. Everyone learns at a different rate.

If you have driven before and this is not your first driving lesson then I will discuss with you where you are up to in your driving and then start teaching accordingly.

Have a look at the resources page for links to videos, apps, books and DVSA guide lines which will help you, prepare and then book your theory and practical test, although I strongly advise discussing with me before you book your practical. You need to be a certain standard and it takes a double lesson on test day.




Show Me Tell Me, some of these questions will be asked on your practical driving test.

1 hour driving lesson



Block booking of 10 driving lessons


Suitable for all clients, you can block book and pay in advance for your driving lessons for £310 for 10 lessons*, a great deal, saving you a bit of money.

* 1 lesson equals 1 hour.